Choi's Pottery
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Each piece of pottery is decorated with a central pattern, each conveying a different meaning. Learn about the patterns that are used, and what each symbolizes. If you order an item, you can match it with any pattern.
The following are the new items available at Choi's Pottery. Also here are highlight pieces that are exceptionally interesting and popular.
These beatifully crafted traditional Korean styled teapots and teacups are decorated with carvings and inlaid patterns.
From specialty items such as French butter dishes and garlic jar to traditional bowls and plates, all items are exquisitely hand crafted with traditional Korean carvings. They are also dishwasher safe.
From the sublime lotus leaf vase to the cheery flower holders, the azure celadon or the crimson iron pieces work well both with floral arrangements or as stand alone decorative pieces.
These decorative and functional pieces range from jewelery boxes to candle and incense burners, each elegantly following the traditional Korean pottery style.